Cargo products and services

Air Tahiti offers a number of options for transporting cargo. Here you will find all the information you need to prepare your goods for transport:


Standard or premium cargo

Air Tahiti offers you two ways of sending your goods: "Standard cargo", whereby your goods will be sent on the first flight with available cargo capacity, or "Premium cargo", if you want your goods to travel on a specific flight or date.

Special cargo & restricted items

Some types of cargo require special handling by our Cargo Service. Read the relevant section if you want to send one of these items.

Special handling

Some items, such as bulky goods or items weighing more than 50 kg (110 lb), require special handling by our staff. In addition, the hold size of aircraft operated by Air Tahiti restricts the carriage of certain goods. Please read the information about this type of cargo.


Do you need to put your cargo in storage prior to dispatch or upon arrival? Will you be sending refrigerated or frozen products? Read this section to find out more about our storage options.

Special packaging

The packaging of your goods is your responsibility. It needs to be solid enough to protect the contents, able to withstand all the handling required on its journey, and designed so that packaging and contents do not damage other cargo. To make life easier for you, Air Tahiti sells a range of special packaging.

Sending cargo

View the other sections on sending cargo with Air Tahiti: