Check-in and boarding with Air Tahiti

Check-in and boarding are important stages in your journey. Read this section and find out everything you need to know to ensure you an even trip.

Travel documents

In accordance with current legislation, at each stage of your journey, your passport and your children's passports will need to be presented. If you are without a passport, you will not be able to check in or board your flight.

Opening hours

To help us ensure your journey goes smoothly and your flight is punctual, please abide by the check-in and boarding times. This section provides a summary of check-in times by check-in method and island of departure and arrival, and boarding hours.


To guarantee the punctuality of your flights, Air Tahiti has established final check-in and boarding times. In this section, find out what happens if you do not check in or board on time.

Unforeseen circumstances

Ensuring everything goes easily on your travel is one of Air Tahiti's priorities. Although we do all we can to limit them, the possibility of unforeseen circumstances is inherent to air travel and should therefore not be ruled out when planning your trip. These pages give details of our procedures and your entitlement to compensation...

Travel tips

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