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july 1st to 22nd heiva i tahiti singing and danCing Competitions • To’ata Place - Tahiti generations of Polynesian artists come together for these festivities which are a highlight of the Polynesian artistic scene. During the festivities spectators have the pleasure of discovering various Polynesian arts. New talents are revealed, and the future generation of Polynesian artists demonstrates that the ancient traditions of dance and singing remain very much alive to this day. more than thirty dance and singing troops rival for prestigious prizes in the competitions that take place over seven evenings with all kinds of shows and festivities. Since the event’s first edition in 1882, the Heiva competitions give you the very best of Tahitian singing and dance. Singing and Dancing competitions: July 1st to 16th Awards ceremony: July 21st —With performances by the best dance troops. Winner’s Performances: July 22nd—With performances by the heiva winning teams.


july 13th to 23rd heiva tu’aro ma’ohi • Tahiti Traditional sports are also celebrated during the July festivities. Several days of demonstrations and competitions of ancient Polynesian sports are on the program: outrigger canoe sailing— an ancient sport which is doing a comeback—, fruit carrying contests, javelin throwing, stone lifting, coconut tree climbing, copra preparation races as well as numerous other technically challenging and impressive disciplines. July 14th, 16th and 17th at the Museum of Tahiti and her islands Javelin throwing, coconut husking, copra, stone lifting, coconut tree climbing. Friday, July 15th—Papeete: Fruit carrying contest Saturday, July 23rd—Papeete harbor: outrigger canoe sailing regatta information: sports and traditional sports federation (689) 77 09 05

july 1st to 14th heiva va’a • Tahiti - Moorea Traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe (va’a) races in the Papeete harbor and open ocean (around the island of moorea). information: tahitian va’a federation (689) 45 05 44

june 24th to july 24th heiva rima’i • Aorai Tini Hau Hall - Pirae organized in relation to the heiva festivities, this 24th edition of the heiva rima’i presents the opportunity to discover the works of artists from five French Polynesian archipelagoes. This is the biggest arts and crafts exhibition of the year and is a great occasion to discover the diversity and richness of French Polynesian handicrafts. information: traditional arts and crafts service (689) 54 54 00

june 24th to july 14th heiva i Bora Bora • Moti’i Place - Vaitape Keep in mind that the Heiva takes place in all the islands! Perhaps the most mythical of the islands, Bora Bora, hosts an annual singing and dance competition with dance troops from Bora Bora and the leeward Island archipelago. Traditional sports and arts and crafts demonstrations are also on the program. It is a convivial and cultural experience not to be missed! information: bora bora tourist committee (689) 67 76 36


August 5th to 6th super aito outrigger Canoe raCe • Papeete Harbor -Tahiti This single-man outrigger canoe (va’a) race is the most famous of the Pacific va’a races with 100 of the world’s best paddlers battling each other over a period of two days. races of various distances are on the program: 5,10, 15 and 20 km. information: charles maitere (689) 73 16 99