v o s r e n d e z - v o U s à ta h i t i e t d a n s l e s î l e s / y o U r d at e b o o k i n ta h i t i a n d i t s i s l a n d s

August 15th to 18th air tahiti nui von Zipper surfing trials • Teahupo’o - Tahiti leading up to the famous Billabong Pro Tahiti Surf competition, the air Tahiti Nui Von Zipper trials is also held at the notorious surf-spot called Teahupo’o. local and international surfers come together to battle it out with the hopes of winning one of two wild cards allowing them to compete in the main event, the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Expect an exciting and passionate ambience as these surfers take it all out in order to win the privilege to surf alongside the world’s top 44 surfers when they take over the scene at Teahupoo a few days later.

August 20th to 31st BillaBong pro tahiti surf Competition • Teahupo’o - Tahiti The quiet village of Teahupo’o turns into the center of the surfing universe as the world’s very best surfers from the World Tour of Surfing take on the challenge of the wave of Teahupo’o during this competition which is perhaps the most renown surf competition on the planet. Spectators come from far and near to admire the world’s most fascinating wave being surfed by the world’s best surfers. Taxi-boats are available, allowing for spectators to be at the heart of the action.

information: tahitian surf federation (689) 43 86 93

SEPTEMBER September 27th World tourism day • Papeete - Tahiti This year the United Nations World Tourism organization’s theme for World Tourism Day is “Tourism—linking cultures.” The main objective of this day is to create awareness about the impact and potential of tourist activities among professionals in the tourism sector, local populations and travelers, with the aim of preserving natural, cultural, social and economic resources. Various events and information-sharing activities are on the program.

information: gie tahiti tourism (689) 50 57 12

September 21st to october 5th 2nd edition of the raromata’i arts and Crafts exhiBition • Papeete - Tahiti The “Te Tai manu no Bora Bora” Federation organizes this arts and crafts exhibition at the French Polynesian assembly in order to present the general public with the unique arts and crafts from the “raromata’i,” otherwise known as the leeward Islands.

information: the traditional arts and crafts service (689) 54 54 00

September 24th 10th edition of the painapo trail run • Moorea The Painapo trail run competition is held each year on Tahiti’s sister island, moorea. Trail running is a sport that has existed in Polynesia for ages, and competitors prepare for months to take part in the race, even though for many the simple joy of participating is more important than winning. Teams of three (male, female or mixed) run 20 km in the professional category, or 8 km for amateurs.

information: association te moorea club (689) 56 25 - email: info@mooreaevents.org


marquesas: nuku hiva: September 4th to 7th ua pou: September 7th to 8th hiva oa: September 8th to 10th

Tuamotu: rangiroa: September 13th to 15th hao: october 4th to 6th

Austral islands: rurutu: September 19th to 21st


• Papeete - Tahiti Twice a month the “mahana Pae i Papeete” event is organized for the benefit of visitors and the local population. actors from all sectors— cultural, artistic, economic, tourism and institutional—are invited to meet and share with the general public through a number of activities and events with various themes. Exhibitions, video- projections, demonstrations, food sampling, dance performances and more are on the program. make sure to stop by in the daytime at the stands at the Papeete market, the office of tourism, the Bougainville park and the sailboats along the Papeete waterfront or at night at the “place Vai’ete.”

july 15th: The history of the heiva festivities july 29th: Dancing costumes August 12th: Tattooing August 26th: Sculpture September 16th: pearls September 30th: Tapa, Traditional cloth

• French Polynesia F I F o — t h e P a c i f i c I n t e r n a t i o n a l Documentary Film Festival—has been a major cultural and audiovisual event in French Polynesia ever since its beginnings in 2004. Every year at the end of January filmmakers and spectators come to Papeete to join the fun of the festival, and to see the dozens of Pacific-made documentary films that participate in the competition. The festival presents a great occasion to discover the Pacific through film. But the FIFo reaches further than the festival itself and “decentralized” movie-showings and events on the program throughout the French Polynesian archipelagoes. It is a great initiative with the goal of sharing the FIFo’s best documentaries with as wide an audience as possible, beyond Tahiti.