while Air TAhiTi iS moSTly known for iTS role in Air-TrAnSporTATion To The polyneSiAn iSlAnDS, iT AlSo performS AnoTher eSSenTiAl AcTiviTy: inTernATionAl AirporT ASSiSTAnce. A key-role for All The AirlineS flying To french polyneSiA. reAD on…

Air Tahiti, servicing international flights

Si Air TAhiTi eST SurTouT connue pour Son rôle DAnS lA DeSSerTe Aérienne DeS îleS polynéSienneS, elle mène égAlemenT une AuTre AcTiviTé eSSenTielle : l'ASSiSTAnce AéroporTuAire inTernATionAle. un rôle clef AuprèS De TouTeS leS compAgnieS DeSServAnT lA polynéSie frAnçAiSe. DécouverTe…

Air Tahiti, Au service des vols internationaux


Avec plus de 734 000 passagers transportés en 2010, Air Tahiti se positionne comme la première compagnie aérienne du pays en terme de trafic. Si cette activité est bien connue des Polynésiens et de leurs visiteurs, une autre, tout aussi essentielle, est, en revanche, méconnue : l'assistance aéroportuaire assurée par Air Tahiti pour les compagnies aériennes internationales desservant l’aéroport de Tahiti - Faa'a. L'entreprise assure cette activité pour le compte de «Aéroport de Tahiti» (ADT), la société gérant, entre autres aéroports, celui de Tahiti - Faa’a. Depuis sa création, en 1987, Air Tahiti est donc un des maillons clefs de la chaîne du transport aérien international, contribuant ainsi à la bonne marche des liaisons aériennes internationales au départ ou à destination de la Polynésie française. Dans un territoire fortement marqué par l'insularité car situé à plus de 6 000 Km des plus proches continents, cette desserte aérienne est vitale pour les populations, l'économie du pays et le développement du tourisme.

With over 734,000 passengers transported in 2010, air Tahiti is the first airline of the country in terms of traffic. While this activity is well known by the Polynesians and their visitors, another equally essential activity is, on the other hand, unrecognized: the airport assistance ensured by air Tahiti to international airlines flying to the Tahiti - Faa'a airport. The company ensures this activity on behalf of “aéroport de Tahiti” (aDT), the company managing, among other airports, the Tahiti - Faa’a airport. Since its creation in 1987, Air Tahiti is therefore one of the key-links in the international air transportation chain, contributing to the smooth operations of international air links leaving or arriving in French Polynesia. In a territory strongly marked by insularity since it is located over 6,000 Km (3,750 miles) from the nearest continents, such air transportation service is vital for the populations, the economy of the country and the development of tourism.

Over 260 dedicated personnel Through this activity, well distinct from its function of air transporter, air Tahiti performs various services, which are indispensable to international airlines: welcoming and checking in of passengers and their baggage as well as their assistance; international freight handling and management, catering, different services for the preparation of flights and the coordination of various materiel and equipments around the aircrafts, a coordination performed by “traffic/tarmac” personnel. All of this is ensured by 266 airline employees, that is 20% of its entire staff. The “escale Internationale” (International ground handling Department) personnel are specifically trained to perform operations relative to international flights. The equipments used, the procedures, as well as required skills are different from those required from staff working on domestic inter-islands flights. To help this personnel in their mission, the airline is also equipped with a wide range of materiel and specialized vehicles such as gateways, vehicles making it possible for persons with reduced mobility or on stretchers to go up or down from the plane, hotel trucks, fork lifts or tractors to pull freight or luggage carts, etc...

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