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“LA PERLERIE” by Tahiti Pearl



In the beginning was a new concept created by the owners of Tahiti Pearl

Market, a Pearlery that opened in downtown Papeete at the end of 2003 ,in

Bora Bora in July 2005, in Hawaii in 2008.

They offer the largest selection of nice pearls in Papeete and Bora Bora and

Hawaii where you can make your dream come true by choosing your own

Tahitian Pearls. These beautiful jewels come in all sizes, shapes, colors,

qualities and Tahiti Pearl Market wants you to have fun while choosing your

pearls and personalizing your own jewelry. They do have the largest choice

of settings and chains in yellow and white gold, as well as silver, so that you

can create your own necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings,

or whatever jewelry you prefer.

01 THE TYPE OF PEARL Consider the size, shape and color of pearl in matching your preferences.

02 THE PEARL SELECTION Pick your pearls from the largest selection of Tahitian pearls in the world.

03 THE SETTING From classic to modern designs, pearls can be mounted on pendants, rings and earrings in either yellow gold, white gold or silver.

04 PUT THE FINISHING TOUCHES TO YOUR JEWELRY Our onsite jewelers will skillfully put the finishing touches on the jewelry. They might even let you drill your own pearl if you wish to.

The founder of Tahiti Pearl Market traveled extensively to the atolls of French Polynesia

during the last two decades to select the perfect lagoons to establish the company’s pearl farms.

Each lagoon is unique and the oysters will produce pearls with varying natural color nuances

dependent on the lagoon. As a result, with 7 pearl farms Tahiti Pearl Market stores have the

largest and richest color nuanced selection of Tahitian pearls, thus brining our pearl farms to you.

The Or i g i n s - The Tahitian pearl acquires its unique character from its origin, the lagoons.

It is essential to know the origin and the characteristics of its source to truly appreciate the

beauty of a Tahitian pearl. Understanding and mastering of the pearl farming process is

crucial to harvest great Tahitian pearls. Our beautiful pearls result from a constant pursuit

of excellence and quality.

la P erle de T ahiti b y Ta h i t i Pe a rl M a rk e t