Making your Air Tahiti booking

Make sure you have the following information ready before making your booking:

  • Your full name. This must be the same as it appears on your identity document*.

  • A contact telephone number on your island of departure and on each of the islands you will be visiting. This will enable us to contact you before or during your trip to advise you of any changes to your flights.

  • The name of the hotels/guest houses where you will be staying.

  • The age of any children travelling with you.

  • Any flight connections, whether your connecting flights are with Air Tahiti or other airlines.

  • Any requirements for special assistance (wheelchair, second seat, child travelling alone, etc.).

  • If you are travelling to or from Rarotonga, your passport number and expiry date. Your passport must be valid for your entire stay in the Cook Islands. In addition, you must have a return ticket or a ticket for onward travel together with all the documents needed for your onward destination.


Air Tahiti will reduce or cancel any compensation in case of a missed flight due to the absence of any of the above information in your booking.

When you have completed your booking, it is a good idea to note down your booking reference and the deadline for payment of your ticket.

* If the name on your ticket is not the same as the name on your identity document, you will not be allowed to board your flight and will not be entitled to compensation. In order to make your journey, a new ticket will need to be purchased and a fee will be charged for refunding your original ticket.

Flight schedule

Air Tahiti changes its flight schedule in April and November. If your booking is made before the change in the flight schedule, it is likely that there will be changes to your flight times or, in exceptional cases, to your travel dates.

You will be notified of any changes as soon as possible, either by Air Tahiti or by your travel agent, provided that we have a contact telephone number for you on your island of departure and at each of your stops.

Air Tahiti takes no responsibility for any changes to your holiday resulting from alterations to our flight schedule.

Air Tahiti flights have a high level of regularity and punctuality. Please note, however, that the times given on this website are estimates only and are subject to alteration, even after you have received your booking confirmation and purchased your ticket.


Our fares are subject to specific terms and conditions of booking and use, and may be changed without notice.

Your final travel fare will be notified to you when you purchase your tickets. The fares given when you make your booking and those shown on this website are for information only.

Fees may also be charged for cancellation, modification or no-show at check-in.

Reconfirmation of flights

Reconfirmation of your flights is not necessary, except in the following circumstances:

  • We do not have a contact telephone number for you at each of your stopover locations. In this case, please reconfirm your departure the day before your flight.

  • The flight you have just taken is not the one you were booked on, in which case it is up to you to reconfirm your onward travel upon arrival.

  • You are travelling in the Marquesas Islands, the eastern Tuamotus or the Gambier Islands, or on routes served by Twin Otter or Beechcraft aircraft, in which case please reconfirm your departure the week before each of your flights.


Air Tahiti also suggests that you check the status of your flight in order to avoid waiting in case of delay. To do so, contact your departure airport or our booking service on +689 40 86 42 42.
You can also view our updated flight times.

How long to plan between a scuba diving and a flight

French polynesian diving clubs recommend waiting 24 hours after diving before flying.

Travel tips

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