French Polynesia at a glance

  • Political status: French Overseas Collectivity
  • Administrative centre: Papeete, on the island of Tahiti
  • Number of islands: 118, grouped into five archipelagos
  • Land area: 4,167 km2
  • Total area: 5.5 million km2
  • Population: 274,217 inhabitants (2012)
  • Languages: French and Reo ma'ohi (Tahitian, Marquesan, Tuamotuan, Mangarevan, the Austral languages, etc.)
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Time zone: GMT/UTC-10 and -9.30 (Marquesas) and -9 (Gambier Islands)
  • Currency: CFP franc (XPF)
  • International dialling code: +689
  • Main religions: Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Adventist
  • Economy: Tourism, agriculture (vanilla, coprah, flowers, monoi, nono), pearl farming, fishing

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