Unforeseen circumstances

Ensuring everything goes smoothly on your journey is one of Air Tahiti's priorities.
Although we do all we can to limit them, the possibility of unforeseen circumstances is inherent to air travel and should therefore not be ruled out when planning your trip.

Like many airlines, Air Tahiti may overbook certain flights, i.e. sell more tickets than there are available seats.

Overbooking compensates for passengers who are booked on a flight and do not present themselves at the airport on the day of travel or who cancel their bookings at the last minute.

Most overbooked passengers depart on their flight. However, there is a small chance you will have to disembark.

Air Tahiti endeavours to minimise any inconvenience caused by overbooking by:

  • asking at check-in which passengers would be willing to disembark,
  • ensuring a seat on another flight as soon as possible,
  • offering immediate compensation of XPF 10,000,
  • covering the costs of meals/snacks, transport and/or accommodation, depending on the waiting time between the overbooked flight and the new flight, in the event that you are asked to disembark against your will.


The above will be offered to you on condition:

  • you hold a travel ticket issued at a public commercial rate,
  • you have a confirmed booking on the flight,
  • you meet our General Conditions of Carriage,
  • you presented yourself at the check-in desk before it closed.

Some delays are caused by events external to Air Tahiti, such as bad weather or a strike of non-Air Tahiti staff.

Others are due to causes internal to the airline. This is the case of delays caused by operational issues or technical failures.

Whatever the reason and length of the delay, you can ask an attendant to make a phone call for you to let someone know your flight has been delayed.

If the cause is internal to Air Tahiti and there is a snack bar in your departure airport, our attendants will give you a voucher for a drink depending on the length of the delay.

If your flight must unfortunately be postponed to a later date, please refer to the "Cancelled flights" tab to find out what your entitlements are.

Your child is travelling alone

To ensure the safety of a child under eighteen who is travelling alone, Air Tahiti requests the responsible adult to remain at the airport until his flight departs. This means if his flight is delayed your child can wait calmly with someone he knows and trusts.


The characteristics of the Air Tahiti network make service to the islands sensitive to the occurrence of any unforeseen events, such as weather disruptions, and may lead to a flight cancellation.

As several days may be necessary before the next avalaible flight, we recommend that you review the measures taken by Air Tahiti in case of a flight cancellation.

Some flight cancellations are caused by events external to Air Tahiti, such as bad weather or a strike of non-Air Tahiti staff.

Others are due to causes internal to the airline. This is the case of cancellations caused by operational issues or technical failures.

Your entitlement to compensation following a flight cancellation depends on the cause and on your islands of departure and arrival. In addition, you must have a confirmed booking and a flight ticket paid at a public commercial fare.

When a flight is cancelled for reasons external to the company, Air Tahiti can not be held liable for any consequential costs for this hazard, which remain the responsibility of the passenger.

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