3 types of rates

Air Tahiti offers you three ways of sending your goods :


Cargo Type Booking Final check-in time Carriage
For medicines, valuable items or emergency troubleshooting equipment. up to H-45 up to H-45 On booked flight
For send your package on a specific flight.. up to J-3 H-2 On booked flight
(without reservation)
For your non-urgent goods. - H-2 According to flight availability

Standard Cargo (upon availability, no reservation made) :

Your goods will be sent on the first flight with available cargo capacity.

Confirmed Cargo :

If you want your goods to travel on a specific flight or date, you will need to make a "Premium Classic cargo" booking and will be charged accordingly.

Priority Cargo :

For some shipments, reservation is compulsory, and more particularly :

  • Medecines,
  • Valuable items,
  • Emergency troubleshooting equipment.

Minimum charge

Whatever the total weight of your consignment, all cargo is subject to a minimum charge. That charge varies according to the destination and cargo type (premium cargo or standard cargo).

The minimum charge applies whenever the figure resulting from the calculation of the rate per kg is below the minimum charge.