ADM policy

Air Tahiti VT-135 ADM Policy

In accordance with the IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual) Air Tahiti publishes the updated policy on Agency Debit Memo.

  ADM Principle

The objective of the audit process is to ensure that all fare rules and procedures are respected and in case of the contrary, to settle the difference in an adequate and logical way, equal for all distribution channels. Fare audit checks are performed on all VT document issuances, refunds, reissues and revalidation transactions, whether they are fare quoted automatically or manually. Violations of reservation procedures apply to all VT flight segments.

  ADM Administrative Fee

To cover the audit process costs, a fixed ADM administrative fee of XPF500 per ADM or equivalent amount at IATA rate of exchange is added to the ADM. This ADM administrative fee is subject to change upon Air Tahiti's decision.

  ADM Settlement

Agency Debit Memos will be settled via the BSPLink if sent within nine months after final travel date. Beyond this period, the payment settlement will be handled directly between the airline and the agency.

  ADM Dispute Handling

Agents can dispute proposed ADMs directly via BSP Link with no financial consequences during the latency days (14 days). When making a dispute, a valid and clear justification must be provided at all times in the "Dispute Reason" box. Otherwise the dispute cannot be handled.
Air Tahiti will endeavor to handle a rejected or disputed ADM in a timely manner, within maximum 60 days from the date of the original dispute by the Agents (conformed to Resolution 850m). In case Air Tahiti rejects an agent dispute, an explanation for this rejection will be provided to support our position.
In case Agent still disagrees, agents are requested to respond to Air Tahiti within 14 days from the date of latest rejection by Air Tahiti and to provide additional information. Otherwise the ADM will be submitted for settlement to BSP link.

  ADM reasons

Unless otherwise specified, AIR TAHITI will generally issue ADM in all BSP for the following reasons:

  1. Unreported sales
  2. Incorrect commission levels
  3. Under collected taxes
  4. Under collections of fares / incorrect fares
  5. Double Refunds – Refunds via BSPlink and manual
  6. Credit card charge backs / Fraudulent use of credit card
  7. Re-issuance without endorsements of other airline tickets
  8. Booking classes versus fare basis class as per fare rules
  9. Published and special fares and/or fare rules not respected or not correctly applied
  10. IT fares and/or fare rules not respected
  11. Ticketing deadline violation
  12. Cancellation fees or Administration fees not deducted on refunds
  13. Interline tickets issued when no interline agreement exists or when fare is not interlineable
  14. Ticket issued with an OPEN segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit an open segment status
  15. Ticket issued with a segment status NOT CONFIRMED whereas the fare basis demands that all segments be confirmed
  16. Un-ticketed segment that result in No Show
  17. Ticketed segments that result in No Show
  18. Refund document requested by Agents
  19. Recall commission on tickets refunded by Air Tahiti local agency

  ACM Issuance

In case of unjustified ADMs been issued by the airline or when an ADM requires corrections in favor of the agent, an ACM can be issued to that agent covering the amount due and will include ACM administrative fee of XPF500 per ACM. This ACM administrative fee is subject to change upon Air Tahiti's decision.undefined

  Contact information

For further inquiries related to fare audit ADMs/ACMs, please contact the revenue accounting department at