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Bora Bora Navette runs the shuttle service across the Bora Bora lagoon between the islet where the airport is located and the village of Vaitape on the main island. It is a 97% subsidiary of Air Tahiti, the commune of Bora Bora being the other partner in the company. a transport ticket on Air Tahiti entitles the holder to use the shuttle at the departure and arrival of the flight. ​​​​​​​Your Air Tahiti ticket entitles you to use the shuttle at the departure and arrival of your flight.

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Bora Bora Navette provides transfers between Bora Bora airport and the main island for each Air Tahti flight arrival.

A shuttle leaves Vaitape 1h30 prior each Air Tahiti flight departure.

The shuttle schedules are displayed each week on the quay of Vaitape.

Liability of the carrier

The liability of the maritime carrier Bora Bora Navettes (the "Company") is governed by the law of June 18, 1966 and by the Code des Transports, in cases and to the extent that these legal texts are binding on the parties and, in addition, by the conditions and stipulations mentioned below.

The Company shall not be liable for any change in schedule or cancellation of departure due to force majeure, including bad weather conditions.

Boarding and control

All passengers must be in possession of proof of transport in order to board the shuttle. The following are considered as proof of transport:

  • an air ticket on the date of the day on the airline that charters the shuttle ; 
  • any document required as part of a contract between a company and Bora Bora Navettes (e.g. employee card)

The shuttle carrying capacity is limited. The Company reserves the right to deny boarding if the maximum capacity of the shuttle is reached or for any other reason related to safety.

Carry-on baggage

A carry-on bag must be easy to carry. The sum of the three dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed 115 cm. 

Carry-on baggage is kept with the passenger during navigation. The Company does not assume any responsibility for carry-on baggage, which remains in the exclusive custody of the passenger.

Baggage in the hold

Each passenger may drop off a maximum of two bags, each weighing a maximum of 32 kg. The sum of the three dimensions (length, width, height) of each bag must not exceed 200 cm. However, on a case-by-case basis, the Company may authorize larger dimensions or weights. 

Passengers must drop off their baggage with the Company’s agents before boarding. They must pick them up as soon as there are unloaded on the wharf. The Company does not provide a baggage storage service. The Company will therefore not be held responsible for any loss, damage of any kind, or costs related to baggage or other personal property left in the spaces provided for this purpose, or in the shuttles.

Each passenger must write his or her name and contact information on each bag.

The Company reserves the right to refuse any bag that is not properly packed.

Only personal items and clothing necessary and appropriate for the purpose of the trip may be carried as baggage. In the event that goods of any kind, samples, perishable products, articles and valuables of any kind are carried, the Company will not have any responsibility for loss or damage, whatever the cause.


Dogs, cats, birds, and other domestic animals (except ducks or similar, and pigs) are accepted for carriage if they are properly placed in a crate and accompanied by valid documents, such as health certificates, vaccination certificates, and entry or transit permits.
Service dogs are accepted for carriage if they are kept on a leash and muzzled.

Other animals are not accepted on board.

Any admission on board of an animal does not release the passenger in charge of the animal from any responsibility in case of aggression or damage of any kind caused by this animal.

Dangerous goods

Passengers are not allowed to take on board or to put in their bags inflammable, explosive, or dangerous materials such as: matches, gunpowder, gun cartridges, firecrackers, gasoline, white spirit, objects containing them (engines), aerosols, pressurized containers (oxygen, acetylene, butane, propane), pyrotechnics (cartridges, fireworks), acids, etc... 

Any passenger who, without the knowledge of the crew, has taken on board dangerous or prohibited products may be prosecuted without prejudice to any other damages or penalties provided for by the laws in force.

No smoking

In accordance with the local law n°2009-04 dated February 11, 2009, relating to tobacco and smoking control, it is strictly forbidden to smoke on board the shuttles. This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes.

Safety on board

Passengers are subject to on-board discipline under the authority of the Captain of the shuttle. As such, passengers must comply with all appropriate regulations and instructions, drawn up or given by the Company for boarding, unboarding, and during navigation.

The Company, through its personnel, in particular the Captain of the shuttle, may deny boarding to a passenger whose attitude or behavior is not compatible with the safety of other passengers or of the shuttle, or is likely to harm public order.


For any damage to his/her person, the passenger must inform the Captain, at the latest upon arrival of the shuttle, and express reservations to the Company by registered letter with receipt acknowledgement, at the latest 48 hours after the date of unboarding. If the passenger fails to comply with this obligation, he/she will be presumed to have unboarded without physical damage.

Claims on baggage, for damage, loss or missing, must be notified to the Captain at the time of baggage delivery, and addressed to the Company at the latest within three days from the date of unboarding. 

All claims must be made in writing to the Company's management by mail: Bora Bora Navettes – P.O. 314 – 98713 Papeete – French Polynesia.

Competent jurisdiction

The competent jurisdiction to deal with all matters arising out of or relating to the execution of the Company’s service is the Commercial Court of Papeete, even in the event of a third party claim or multiple defendants or related cases. The passenger declares that he/she accepts this jurisdiction and will not sue the Company in any other court.