Creating a booking

A booking that is well put together will include information which contributes to ensuring your customer has a safe journey.
In this section, you will find information on the flight schedule and updates, together with a reminder of the important details that need to be included in the booking file.

Flight schedule
Booking systems

Air Tahiti flights are managed by the SITA Reservations system.
They are also accessible on the Amadeus, Galileo, Apollo, Sabre, Worldspan and Axess systems, and on those of some airlines (e.g. NZ and LX).

Flight availability is displayed for at least the following 330 days. However, it is also possible to book flights even further in advance (up to two years for some), where the flight information is displayed.

Specific schedule alterations are not updated in real time (except in the Amadeus and Worldspan GDSs). If this occurs where you hold a PNR, it will be queued back to your terminal with the exact time, and all you will need to do is validate it.

If you have any questions, please email our team of Flight Managers at

Fare classes
  • Y class: Class of booking for one-way and return tickets and passes, with a baggage allowance of 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Z class: Class of booking for one-way and return tickets and passes, with a baggage allowance of 46 kg (100 lb).
MCTs (Minimum Connecting Times)

When you create a booking, we recommend compliance with the following minimum connecting times:

  • Between two domestic Air Tahiti flights: 45 min
  • International flight connecting with an Air Tahiti domestic flight: 90 min
  • Air Tahiti domestic flight connecting with an international flight: 120 min
  •  Between an Air Tahiti domestic flight and a Boat trip: 120 min

Compliance with MCTs determines Air Tahiti's liability in the event of a missed connection. Accordingly, if a connection between two Air Tahiti flights is missed through the fault of Air Tahiti, where the MCT is complied with and both Air Tahiti flights are in the same booking, Air Tahiti will be liable for any compensation.

It is technically possible to put together a booking that does not comply with MCTs, but the passenger must be informed that Air Tahiti will not be liable to pay any compensation in the event of a missed connection.

Exceptions and specific cases:
Some Air Tahiti connections have connection times of less than 45 min. This is the case of connections with a change of aircraft, e.g. BOB-FAV, transferring to RGI. Where such connections are offered by Air Tahiti, they can be booked in complete confidence. If you are in any doubt, please email or
Contact details

You are strongly advised to include the agency's contact details and those of the passenger at each stage of their journey. This will enable Air Tahiti to contact the passenger in the event of last-minute unforeseen circumstances.
The name of the accommodation on each island to be visited is sufficient.

Contact details should be entered in the OSI field of PNRs created in systems other than SITAres (GABRIEL).
International flights

Where a single booking comprises both international and domestic flights, the international flights will be displayed automatically when the PNR is viewed in our reservation system.

If the booking includes only Air Tahiti flights, it is important to enter international flight information manually in SSR:OTHS or OSI.

International arrivals into Tahiti: This information can help Air Tahiti manage situations involving international flight delays, particularly where there are direct connections with domestic flights.

International departures from Tahiti: This information can help Air Tahiti manage unforeseen circumstances in the domestic flight schedule, particularly where there are direct connections with international flights.


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