Packing your hold luggage

For Air Tahiti, safety on board is a priority. Baggage carried in the hold is therefore subject to certain rules. To ensure your journey goes smoothly, please read the information below.

With Air Tahiti, you are allowed to check in, free of charge, a certain weight. This allowance depends on your travel class:

  • You have booked a standard ticket (Y or S class) or a flight from/to Rarotonga:
    • Maximum weight: 23kg (50 lb) per person (adults and children).
    • Maximum dimensions: length + width + height < 150 cm (59 in)


  • You have booked a special ticket with an additional weight allowance (Z class):
    • Maximum weight: 46 kg (100 lb) per person (adults and children) .
    • Maximum dimensions: length + width + height < 150 cm (59 in)


Baggage dimensions include wheels and handles.

If one of your bags exceeds the permitted dimensions or weighs more than 25 kg (55 lb), please check it in with our cargo service.
Read the section on "Overweight/heavy/special baggage" to find out the conditions of acceptance of this type of baggage.

If you exceed your baggage allowance in weight or number of pieces, your excess baggage will be accepted on your flight on a space-available basis and will be subject to payment of the applicable fee.

There is no baggage allowance for infants.

Will you be going scuba diving on your trip?

Divers travelling to all destinations except destinations served by Twin Otter or Beechcraft are given an additional baggage allowance of 5 kg (11 lb) for carrying diving equipment only.

This equipment can be transported in the same bag as your other effects or separately. However, please observe the limits in terms of size, weight and number (see above).

To use it, please present one of the following documents:

  • Official diver's card in your name,
  • Declaration from the diving club where you are going, specifying the dates you will be diving.

The check-in attendant may ask you to open your bags and show them your equipment.

If your baggage exceeds the weight and number of pieces allowed, you will be required to pay a fee at check-in.

Excess baggage is taxed according to a price per kilo depending on the destination.

To find out how much you will have to pay for your excess baggage, you can use the form below:

Departure island Arrival island Departure date Surplus weight
Check my allowance

Save money by opting for our special excess baggage rates for one-island return trip and multi-islands.

The payment methods accepted for your excess baggage are payment cards and cash (Pacific Francs - XPF).

We would remind you that any baggage exceeding the permitted dimensions or weighing more than 25 kg (55 lb) will not be accepted at check-in and must be checked in with our cargo service.

Air Tahiti will endeavour to transport your excess baggage on the flight on which you are travelling. However, for operational reasons, it may be sent on a subsequent flight.

Packing your bags is your responsibility. To ensure they have a smooth journey, please follow the advice below:

  • Your baggage will be handled numerous times. It must therefore be designed to protect its contents, be solid and have no detachable parts.

  • You are advised to padlock each of your bags to prevent them from being opened after check-in.

  • We recommend you label your baggage inside and out with your name, permanent address and destination address.
    Baggage labels are available at the check-in desks.
    Remember to remove baggage labels from previous flights

  • Any fragile or valuable items, such as camera, laptop, keys, etc., important documents and medicines should be packed in your hand baggage and not in your hold baggage.
    Air Tahiti declines any liability for fragile, valuable or perishable items packed in hold baggage.

  • Once you have checked in your baggage, make sure you keep your baggage check-in receipt in a safe place until you have collected your bags at the other end.

  • During your journey, at each of your stops in Tahiti you will need to collect your hold baggage, clear it through customs if you are arriving off an international flight, and check it in at the check-in desks for domestic flights.

Click here if your baggage does not meet the above recommendations

Baggage which does not comply with the conditions of carriage will be refused at check-in.

This applies, among other items, to:

  • items in inappropriate/fragile packaging (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, shopping bags, etc.),
  • baggage which might constitute a danger to the aircraft and passengers,
  • baggage presenting a risk of damage to other baggage,
  • baggage containing fragile items (fishing rods, spearguns, surfboards, bicycles, cakes, oars, glass bottles, etc.),
  • damaged baggage,
  • baggage checked in late,
  • baggage not allowed as hand baggage, etc

However, Air Tahiti is aware of the shortage of transport options to the islands and may therefore, in exceptional circumstances, agree to transport your baggage, subject to conditions.
Acceptance of your baggage will be entirely at the check-in attendant's discretion and your bags will be labelled "allowed with limited release".

If your baggage is "allowed with limited release", Air Tahiti cannot be held liable for any damage to your bags or their contents.


Forgotten baggage will be kept for three months. After that, it will be donated to charity.

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