Online reservation makes your life easier! This service is fully automated. In a few clicks, you can check available flights, make reservations and buy your tickets!

1. Which fares are available and for whom?

Most of Air Tahiti fares can be booked online: one-way and roundtrip fares including a 23kg/50lb (Y fare) or 46kg/100lb (Z fare) baggage allowance as well as most of the Air Tahiti air passes with a 23 kg/50 lbs baggage allowance per person.

Air passes including 46kg/100lb baggage allowance or Marquesas and Austral Pass Extensions are not available online. If you wish to book an Airpass including this baggage allowance or if you wish to book a Pass extension, please fill the reservation request form available here. It will be processed by our Call Center as soon as possible.

Special assistance (unaccompanied children, persons who need special assistance…): in order to take into account your specific needs, please make your booking with your usual travel agency or complete this booking form. Actually, our online reservation system does not allow us to identify your needs for assistance at the airport and on board.

An infant (under 2 years old) has to be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old). An infant does not occupy a seat and will sit on the accompanying adult's lap during all the flight. He does not have a baggage allowance. For more information, click here.

2. What destinations are concerned?

All destinations where electronic ticketing is available for outbound and return can be booked online.

3. How to use the online booking system?


  • The roundtrip option is pre-selected. For a one-way flight, please change the selection. To visit more than one island, click on the "Multi-islands" link.

  • Select your island of departure in the drop down list as well as your destination.

  • Indicate the date you wish to travel using the drop-down menus or by clicking on the calendar icon. You can select "My dates are flexible" which will show you the flight schedules on a weekly basis.

  • You can buy your ticket online up to 72 hours before departure. If you wish to book less than 72 hours before departure, call (+689) 40 86 42 42.

  • Enter the number and the type of passengers: adults, children or infants.

Note: You can book up to 9 passengers.

Flight selection

  • Mandatory minimum connecting time between international flights and domestic flights have been determined as follows:
    • International flight > Air Tahiti flight: 90 minutes
    • Air Tahiti flight > International flight: 120 minutes

  • Fares shown are per person (adult) and all inclusive (taxes, airport fees and service charges included). Before payment, fare details are summarized: price, taxes, airport fees, service charges and fare conditions.


  • Passenger details: the first and last names must be the same as on the passport you will be required to show at the airport.

  • In an effort to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, the payer must also be one of the travelers in the reservation file.

  • Thank you to enter at least a local phone contact or an accommodation name per island visited. This information is important for us in order to contact you in case of changes to one of your flights. Only French Polynesian numbers are called. Thus, there is no need to provide your international phone numbers. You can specify the telephone number of your accommodation or, at least, its name. If local telephone numbers are missing in your booking, Air Tahiti disclaims any liability for any inconvenience resulting from a flight schedule change.

  • Information about your international flights allows us to better manage your connections with Air Tahiti, when changes occur on international or inter-island flights. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform us of any changes that may occur later on your international flights. If the information provided proves to be inaccurate, Air Tahiti will assume no responsibility for missed connections.

  • Rarotonga (Cook Islands): the passport information is mandatory when travelling to this destination. If you wish to know the documents required (visas), click here.

  • Payment is made on a secure page. Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit cards are accepted. Encryption of credit card information is made according to the highest standard. Moreover, the input of the three-digit numerical code is an additional check for the security of the transaction.


Once your booking is finalized, a booking reference is displayed and an email including your itinerary and electronic ticket details is sent.

4. How to view your itinerary online?

You can check your itinerary online by clicking on "Check your reservations" on our website's homepage. Simply enter your first and last name and your Air Tahiti booking reference, which contains 5 characters and always starts with the letter "M", "N", "P" or "Q".

The itinerary and the schedules are updated at the time you access your booking details. Flight schedules are subject to change without notice so we strongly recommend you to check your reservation before each departure.

5. How to modify your trip?

You may change your ticket purchased online, according to the applicable conditions by sending us an email here.

Travel tips

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