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Welcome aboard Air Tahiti!

When you travel with Air Tahiti, you have the opportunity to fly in the aircraft below. Find out what awaits you on board each model in our fleet.

Air Tahiti operates an open-seating policy on its flights.  Seats are not allocated at check-in. This means you can choose between a window or an aisle seat when you board the aircraft.

A bord ATR - Chapo - EN


Most Air Tahiti flights are made in ATR 72 or ATR 42 aircraft. Here you will find all the information you need for your journey in an ATR.

A bord Twin Otter Beechcraft - EN

Twin Otter & Beechcraft

Flights to some islands are operated by Beechcraft or Twin Otter aircraft. Piloted by a captain and first officer, these small-volume aircraft enable travel to certain islands whose airstrips cannot accommodate ATRs.

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