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Air Tahiti receives 4 awards

Air Tahiti was delighted to receive 4 awards at the end of 2023:

  • Best regional airline in the Asia-Pacific region 2023 at the World Business Outlook Awards, a prestigious annual event that rewards excellence in the business and finance sector.
  • Best Brand Image Asia-Pacific 2023, also at the World Business Outlook Awards.
  • Best Domestic Airline Asia-Pacific 2023, awarded by International Business Magazine, a periodical based in the United Arab Emirates, which has been rewarding the best companies worldwide since 2018.
  • Best inter-island airline 2023, from Global Brands Magazine (GBM), whose agency, based in London, UK, organizes annual surveys of the world's biggest companies and brands. For this 11th edition, a dedicated jury from the magazine evaluated and selected the airlines with the best service.


Fortified by 65 years of experience in the sector, Air Tahiti distinguishes itself with the exceptional quality of the service it provides and the considerable work that it has undertaken to develop its identity and brand image. These accolades reflect our commitment to offering our passengers a unique Polynesian travel experience. The development of an even stronger brand image over the last few years has been achieved through films and a unique tattooed livery for our aircraft, an effort that has now been formally acknowledged.


Air Tahiti, the airline with the magic fishhooks

Air Tahiti is more than just a story, it's a legend... The company follows in the footsteps of the mythical heroes of the past, the demigods Maui, Hiro, Tafa'i, Ru and Hina: equipped with magic fishhooks, they fished the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the fish they caught transformed into islands once they surfaced. This milennium-old legend recalls the adventures of the greatest navigators in human history, the ancient Polynesians.

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For over 65 years, Air Tahiti has been navigating the skies, connecting the people, the islands and our visitors, with 48 destinations in our 5 archipelagos, as well as the Cook Islands.



Air Tahiti, the world's first tattooed airline

Air Tahiti is the world's first tattooed airline. The designs, traditional Polynesian motifs, were proposed by students and teachers at the Centre des Métiers d'Arts de Polynésie française (French Polynesia's school of fine arts) and applied to the fuselage by Adhetec, the world leader in aircraft adhesives.


The first of the company’s aircraft got tattoos in 2017, to celebrate 30-year of collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer ATR. A third ATR received a livery featuring tattoo motifs typical of the Austral Islands for the company's 60th anniversary in 2018.

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A new aircraft, ATANUA, the Marquesan rainbow, is the first aircraft to have its tattoos painted on by ATR, in June 2023. The work was carried out in collaboration with the Centre des Métiers d'Arts de Polynésie and the Academy of the Marquesas, which chose the aircraft's name.

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Customer satisfaction, our staff's priority

These prizes are the culmination of the combined efforts of the entire staff, working on all the 48 islands in the network. The quality of service, always first and foremost for Air Tahiti, receives excellent ratings in various customer satisfaction surveys.

The company, with its magic fishhook logo and 1,500 employees, is delighted to continue connecting Tahiti and its' islands.


A big MAURUURU to everyone!