About Air Tahiti

A propos d'Air Tahiti (Intro)

Air Tahiti, the primary inter-island airline in French Polynesia, serves a network as vast as Europe. Providing air transport between Tahiti and the islands for over 65 years, our company continues the saga of our legendary Polynesian heroes. We are also involved in tourism development, environmental preservation, and numerous cultural and social initiatives.

A propos d'Air Tahiti

Te natiraa o te mau motu

Air Tahiti embodies the vital connection between the islands, known as "te natiraa o te mau motu," in Tahitian.

La légende d'Air Tahiti

Discover the origin and meaning of Air Tahiti's logo through our legend.

L'histoire de la compagnie

The history of Air Tahiti is closely intertwined with the history of aviation in French Polynesia.