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Hand and hold baggage allowances, transport of your animal, restricted items, special baggage,... Here you will find all the useful information when travelling with Air Tahiti.


Tips for preparing your baggage

Make sure your carry-on baggage complies with the authorized weight and dimensions. In case they exceed the limits, your luggage will be allowed, as a checked baggage, with limited release.

Any fragile or valuable items, such as camera, laptop, keys, etc., important documents and medicines should be packed in your hand baggage and not in your hold baggage. For specific medical equipment, such as syringes, please refer to the Restricted items section.

Air Tahiti declines any liability for fragile, valuable or perishable items packed in hold baggage.

Your checked baggage will be handled numerous times. It must therefore be designed to protect its content, be solid and have no detachable parts.

At home, weigh your baggage and check the weight authorized for checked luggage

Please padlock each of your bags to prevent them from being opened after check-in.

We recommend you label your baggage inside and out with your name, permanent address and destination address. Baggage labels are available at the check-in desks.

Remember to remove baggage labels from previous flights

Once you have checked in your baggage, make sure you keep your baggage check-in receipt in a safe place until you have collected your bags at the other end.

Click here if your baggage does not meet the above recommendations