Unforeseen circumstances

Operational or commercial issues may lead to changes in the scheduled transport of cargo.

In case of legal action, a report must be drawn up with staff at the airport concerned, before the goods are collected and taken away with you. A report will not be accepted after the goods have been collected. We therefore advise you to check the state of your package and its contents at the time of collection.

The liability rules established by the applicable legislation in French Polynesia provide that, in the event of delay, loss or damage, the compensation payable by the airline is limited to a ceiling of XPF 2,200/kg.

In the event of a freight-forwarding delay, if the goods are booked in as Priority cargo, the airline undertakes to refund the premium cargo surcharge of XPF 150/kg.

In case of a special statement of interest at the value, if accepted by Air Tahiti, the amount of compensation can be up to 100% of the declared value.


Sending cargo

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