Schedules - titre et contenu

  Air Tahiti built connecting flights

In our flight schedule, there are connections designed by Air Tahiti involving a change of aircraft.
The timetables (on our website and the Excel spreadsheet) show these built connecting flights as two flight numbers separated by a slash, example : 0821/0899
This means that, to get from Bora Bora to Tikehau, passengers must take two flights, with a transit on an intermediate island. In the example, the passenger will fly Bora Bora-Rangiroa on flight VT545 and Rangiroa-Tikehau (with a change of aircraft) on flight VT550.
The transit time is usually very short (approx. 15 min) and does not comply with the standard MCT. Nevertheless, these specific connections offered by Air Tahiti can be booked in complete confidence.
For passengers using a Pass, the transit between two connecting flights (in Rangiroa in the example) is not considered as a stopover.
The applicable fare is as follows, e.g. PPT-MAU via BOB:
Fare PPT-MAU not including taxes + FR tax PPT-MAU + PF tax from PPT + PF tax from BOB, in accordance with current regulations.

  Schedules changes

Travel agents, in this section you will find additional information on managing changes to the Air Tahiti flight schedule for your customers and on Air Tahiti's passenger notification process.


Bookings made before changes to the Air Tahiti flight schedule

The flight schedule changes twice a year, in April (summer schedule) and November (winter schedule).

The flight schedule is published and can be consulted in the booking systems from around one month to two weeks prior to the start of the new season.

If bookings have already been made, potential modifications will be given to you by a queue.

Information to be provided to passengers in case of time changes made by Air Tahiti 

> View the procedures defining the roles, so that the passenger can be informed in case of changes on his flights.

Cancellation of flights 

For more more information about the handling of unforseen circumstances by Air Tahiti, please click here.