Baggage allowed with limited release

Bagages admis sous réserve - Titre et contenu

Baggage which does not comply with the conditions of carriage will be refused at check-in.

This applies, among other items, to:

  • baggage not allowed as hand baggage if oversized or overweight compared to the standards for carry on,
  • items in inappropriate/fragile packaging (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, shopping bags, etc.),
  • baggage which might constitute a danger to the aircraft and passengers,
  • baggage presenting a risk of damage to other baggage,
  • baggage containing fragile items (fishing rods, spearguns, surfboards, bicycles, cakes, oars, glass bottles, etc.),
  • damaged baggage,baggage checked in late, etc 

However, your baggage may be "allowed with limited release" in the hold. It will be identified with a tag.