Flying on Beechcraft aircraft

Voyager - À bord - Vols en Beechcraft

Flights to some islands are operated by Beechcraft aircraft. These small-volume aircraft enable travel to certain islands whose airstrips cannot accommodate ATRs.

Our crews

  • These aircraft are piloted by a captain and a first officer.
  • These aircraft having a small capacity, there are no stewards on board.
  • In the absence of cabin crew, an in-flight safety video is shown prior to boarding.

Seat selection

Air Tahiti operates an open-seating policy on its flights. This means you can choose your seat when you board the aircraft.

Non smoking flights

To preserve the well-being of our passengers and enhance the safety of our flights, Air Tahiti is a non-smoking airline.

On board service

  • There are no stewards on board, as a result there is no in-flight service. 
  • You are therefore advised to stock up on food and refreshments before boarding.


There is no bathroom on board.