FAQs about booking and issuing tickets

FAQs about booking and issuing tickets

Air Tahiti flights are managed by the Amadeus system and are not updated in real time in most GDSs, except Amadeus and Worldspan.
If the flight status "NO" display into the PNR, please choose another flight for your customer.

There are sometimes timetable display errors for multiple reasons. In this case, contact your booking system's help desk.

There are sometimes display errors between systems.

Air Tahiti flights are managed by the Amadeus system.

If you find an error, please contact your booking system's help desk.

Air Tahiti operates a free-seating policy. This system gives passengers the freedom to sit where they like, following the guidance given by cabin staff when boarding.

An extra seat can be booked for an infant under two years old.

Please note that the infant can only be placed in the second seat during the flight and provided there is no turbulence. During takeoff and landing and when there is turbulence, the infant must be placed in the parent's lap.

For further information about booking and prices of extra seats, please contact a booking agent, who will get back to you as soon as possible.

An extra seat can be booked for baggage, on condition that the items can be placed under the seat opposite the extra seat (which must remain empty). It is not permitted for objects to be placed on a seat. The permitted dimensions are 40 x 30 x 28 cm (15.5 x 12 x 11 in).

The error message "NEED EOT" ("Need End Of Transaction") means that you are trying to open a new booking while you have already a booking opened behind. You need to ignore or close this booking before trying to open a new one.

  • View the airlines with which we have Interline agreement.

Electronic tickets are available for all destinations except: Aratika and Vahitahi.
When a ticket is not eligible for e-ticket, a paper ticket must be issued.
Paper tickets issuance being made by Air Tahiti, no commission will be paid.
Also, if another available flight is eligible for e-ticketing, please modify your reservation and issue the ticket to receive a commission.
For issuing paper tickets, we'll do the reservations and ticket issuance and you will have to cancel your reservation in your booking system. Please contact Air Tahiti Distance Selling at

Automatic pricing is available for the following fares:

  • One-way
  • Return
  • Multi-island itineraries*

*Please note that for Pass fares, automatic pricing is only available for Amadeus users.

It is perfectly possible for a complex itinerary to be issued as a single ticket, within the ticketing constraints of the booking system used. At the price breakdown stage, you will need to specify the different price codes that apply to each flight coupon.

Contact your booking system's help desk.