Information to provide to customers

Booking and tickets-Information to provide to customers

  What type of information travel agent must give to customers with their electronic ticket? 

The agent must issue the passenger with an itinerary receipt in accordance with IATA Resolution 722g. which contain a statement about the Warsaw Convention,and all of the obligatory notices 

  Are agencies required to print a copy of the electronic ticket receipt?

IATA Resolution 722g, which governs the issuing of electronic tickets on neutral documents, states as follows in paragraph 6.2.3 Electronic Tickets:

Sub-paragraph "An electronic ticket must comprise:

  • Flight coupon(s) for the electronic ticket,
  • Accounting coupon(s) or, optionally, electronic audit coupon(s),
  • Agent's coupon(s) or, optionally, electronic agent's coupon(s),
  • Paper itinerary receipt or, optionally, electronic itinerary receipt,
  • Document for charges (optional)."

This means that an itinerary receipt must be provided. It must also comply with the conditions of sub-paragraph, in which the specifications are listed. However, it is not specified whether the receipt should be issued in paper or electronic format.

Accordingly, if the GDS can guarantee safe dispatch in electronic format, i.e. by email, there is no requirement for a paper copy to be printed in addition. Provided there is a guaranteed dispatch of the itinerary receipt in electronic format, paper format is not necessary and can be deactivated.

There may be legal terms in some countries requiring a paper receipt to be issued.

  How general conditions must appear on the electronic ticket? 

The General Conditions of Carriage from the travel agent (or carrier)  may be :

  • printed by the agency or by the customer from a web page
  • sent by email or fax 

the ticket issuer must provide the passenger with an itinerary receipt and the notice concerning the conditions of carriage included in Resolution 724, Annex A, and the legal notices stipulated in Resolution 724, Annexes B and C, and Resolutions 724a, 724b and 745.
The IATA resolutions are subject to developments and amendments, so you are advised to refer to the amended versions of the above-mentioned provisions.