Manage my booking online

Gérer - Gérer ma réservation en ligne

Use your Amadeus reference numbers (for example: PD8EJ5) or your ticket number (135-2422002951), as well as your family name.

You can:

  • Check your reservation anytime: it is updated in realtime.
  • Check your flights in your booking.
  • Print your ticket or send it to you by email.

  • Choose the option "Send by email" or "Print the document ".

A successful message is displayed.

By inserting your mobile phone number or your email address in order to receive real-time notifications of any schedule changes.

You need a ticket issued online to be able to modify the contact information.

  • Click on "Manage booking" and then on "Modify traveller details".



You can book a wheelchair.

  • Select "Additional services."




You need to have a ticket issued online and not having been submitted to any change.

Service available for 1 adult or more at the same fare in the same booking.

Not valid for Multi-islands Pass fares.


  • Click on "Modify flights"

  • Follow the instructions.


  • Click on "Cancel and refund"


Automated refund is available if your ticket has been purchased online and not having been submitted to any change. It is submitted to the usual fees. For any other situation, please contact an Air Tahiti agent.