Prepare my shipment

Conditions de transport - Préparer mon colis - Titre et contenu FR/US

In order to be accepted for carriage, your goods must be presented in suitable packaging that is solid, clean, dry and odourless. It must not be damaged or present any signs of deterioration.

The packaging also needs to be properly sealed. However, for flights from islands other than Tahiti, goods must undergo visual inspection by our staff. We therefore advise you to wait for this inspection before sealing your package. Make sure you take the necessary materials with you.

To avoid causing injury during handling, the use of elastic or wire straps to close your packages is strictly prohibited. Any prominent parts should be covered and adequately protected.

Goods should be labelled with any special details (fragile, this side up, etc.)
Every package containing perishable, chilled or frozen goods must be sealed and ice packs must be positioned inside to maintain the temperature during transport.
For frozen goods, they are accepted either in coolers or in waxed cardboard boxes whose contents will be pre positioned in a plastic closed properly.
Any goods which packaging presents real risks to flight safety or personnel or risk of damage to other packages will not be accepted.

Below are some examples of packaging:

  •  A television must be carried in a padded box.
  • All liquids must be in solid, watertight containers.
  • Frozen products must be placed in an icebox.
  • Iceboxes must be watertight, properly sealed and present no risk of leakage.
  • Adults bicycles must be packed in cardboard packaging, the tyres deflated and any oily parts protected (chain, etc.).
  • All fragile, breakable equipment (mirrors, photo frames, windscreens, etc.) must be packed in rigid packaging (thick cardboard, crates, etc.). Fishing rods and spearguns must be packed in PVC tubing.

To make life easier for you, a range of special packaging is sold at Tahiti-Faa'a Airport.

If you are staying on an island other than Tahiti, packaging can be ordered. Please phone your local airport for details.

Please also ensure that your goods are clearly marked with your name and contact details, those of the recipient, and the final destination.

You are advised to let the recipient know the date and time of arrival of your cargo, to prevent them from incurring storage fees.