Passengers requiring a second seat

If you wish, Air Tahiti offers you the option of booking an additional seat to make sure you have a safe and comfortable journey.
You get nearly 45% off the full adult fare for your second seat, not including taxes, airport charges and fuel surcharge, and an extra baggage allowance.


Do I need an additional seat?

The seats on all our aircraft (ATR, Twin Otter and Beechcraft) have a width of 43 cm (16.9 in), which means they can accommodate a maximum waist size of approximately 135 cm (53 in).
If your waist size is greater than 135 cm (53 in), we recommend you book an additional seat.


If you require a second seat, please let us know at the booking stage. That way, you will get nearly 45% off the full adult fare for your additional seat, not including taxes, airport charges and fuel surcharge.

You can book through Air Tahiti Telesales or your usual travel agent. Online booking through our website is not available for this service.


Booking a second seat entitles you to an additional baggage allowance, identical to the one granted with your first seat.


An agent will check you in at one of the airport desks. Online check-in and self-service check-in kiosks are not available if you have booked an additional seat.


To be sure that the seat next to you is free, please introduce yourself to our agent upon arrival to the boarding gate.

On board

The 2nd seat must be free of any object. Also, it is not possible to place on it a baggage or any other article.

My flight is full and I haven't booked an additional seat

For safety reasons, you may not be allowed to board if your flight is full and you require an additional seat. You will not be able to claim compensation.
Our attendants will book you two seats on the next available flight. If this flight is full at the time of departure, you will be charged for the second seat.


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