Passengers with reduced mobility or a medical condition

Assistance patriculière - passagers à mobilité réduite ou médicalisés - titre et contenu

Is your mobility reduced because of your age, an illness, or a visual, hearing, motor or mental disability? If so, Air Tahiti will be happy to help you during your journey.


At the booking stage, tell our agents about the nature of your disability and any special requirements you have (e.g. you need a wheelchair to get you to the aircraft, you need lifting on and off the aircraft, you will be travelling with a guide dog or with a portable oxygen concentrator, etc.). This will enable us to provide you with the appropriate assistance throughout your journey.

The transport of passengers with a support/restraining device that must be attached to the seat must be authorized by the relevant department.
We invite you to contact our booking department to request this. 
Additional information such as a photo of the device, dimensions and attachment instructions will be requested.


On ATR flights, in addition to the standard service, our cabin crew will be happy to help you stow your hand baggage in the lockers provided.
You must travel accompanied if you cannot carry out at least one of the following tasks on your own:

  • fasten your seatbelt, eat or drink,
  • understand and follow the safety instructions,
  • carry out any medical treatment required by your health condition.

On Twin Otter or Beechcraft flights, due to the absence of cabin crew on these aircraft, blind people must be accompanied by an able-bodied adult.
Wheelchair users cannot travel on Beechcraft flights.

Service Animals

Guide dogs for blind passengers may be accepted on Air Tahiti flights under certain conditions. For more information, please refer to our Service animals section.


Does your health condition require you to take special equipment with you? Read the conditions of acceptance of medical equipment :

  • Syringes
  • Medication
  • Wheelchair
  • Respiratory assistance device (oxygen concentrator or mechanical ventilator)
  • Seringues
  • Mechanical prosthesis
  • Pacemakers


At the airport


If you have not already done so at the booking stage, inform our check-in staff about the nature of your needs and your disability.
Please present your invalidity card at check in.

Travelling with a wheelchair

If you are travelling with a wheelchair and exceed your baggage allowance, you are entitled to free excess baggage for your wheelchair.

Boarding/disembarking from the aircraft

You are entitled to priority boarding, which means you can settle into your seat before the other passengers arrive. Please present yourself at the boarding gate ahead of the other passengers.
For a stress-free arrival, you are requested to wait for the other passengers to disembark before disembarking yourself.