Cancellation and refunds

Gérer - Annulation et remboursement (sep23)

In this section, you'll find out what you need to know in the event of cancellation or refund of your ticket.

Who did you book your ticket with?

  • If you booked through our website, go to Manage my booking.
  • If you booked through a third party such as a travel agency, please contact the agency that created your booking. Kindly note that Air Tahiti is unable to cancel or refund a reservation made through third parties

Has your ticket already been paid for?

  • If you have a round-trip Air Tahiti ticket, please consult our fares overview to find out what charges apply.
  • For Pass and extension fares, go to the pass fares page to find out more.

Whether your ticket has been used partially or remain unsused, and when your booking fare allows it, refunds will be made* :

  • By credit card, if you have chosen this method of payment
  • In cash, if your tickets were paid for this way.
  • If you paid for your tickets by debit or credit cards on our website, your refund request will be processed directly by our reservation system and you should receive it within 48 hours

Finally, if you have not cancelled your trip in advance and have not checked in, a no-show fee will be added.

* 1 year from date of first departure or, for unused tickets, 1 year from date of issue..