Airpasses and extensions

Airpasses and extensions

Offer Air Tahiti Passes and Extensions to your customers so they can discover French Polynesia, and this for an attractive fixed price. Here you will find all the information you need about pass conditions, booking, pricing and issuing.

Fares and recommended itineraries

Click on the pass or extension of your choice to see our recommended itineraries and find out the prices. The prices include the price excluding taxes, taxes and surcharges (shuttle to Bora Bora, airport taxes and VAT included) and are subject to change without notice.

Terms of use of pass fare 

Since some pass fares are seasonal, the first departure date determines the applicable fare.
Pass fares apply to adults (over 12 years old) and children (2 to 11 years) there is no pass fare for infants.


  • All passes usually begin in Tahiti, but they may start from another island. The fare remains the same.
  • All passes are usually closed circuits. However, one or more legs may be made by surface or other means of transport. Enter ARNK in the PNR for the surface segment.
  • To apply a pass fare, a minimum of 2 eligible islands must be visited , however there is no obligation to visit all islands within the pass.
  • All of the islands from a given archipelago must be visited before moving on to the next archipelago (e.g. all of the islands from the Society Islands archipelago must be visited before moving on to those of the Tuamotu Archipelago).
  • Within a given archipelago, the islands may be visited in any order, subject to Air Tahiti's flight schedule.
  • Archipelago 1 may be visited before archipelago 2, or vice versa.
  • Open segments are not permitted. All journeys made must be booked.
  • Marquesas and Austral Extensions must be purchased in conjunction with one of the Passes.
  • Extensions must be used before or after the Pass (not in the middle).
  • An Extension usually requires a transit or stopover in Tahiti for connection with the Pass, making it an exception to the transits and stopovers rule (see the EXTENSION section).


Air Tahiti Pass fares should be  emited with the airline VT-135 stock only. 
Tickets may be issued on condition that all flights are booked and confirmed. Pass fares being seasonal, the date of departure of the first flight determines the applicable fare.
For this purpose, you will find fares elements that need to appear on the ticket hereinafter : 

  • The complete itinerary needs to be entered manually in the fare calculation box.
  • the fare code must be entered in the "FBC/designator code "Box   
  • The mention "Fare subject to conditions, non-modifiable and non-refundable after international departure." has to be entered in the endorsement box, in case  of an issuing or a reissuing either
  • The currency to be used for calculation is XPF or USD
  • Fare not including taxes
  • The total amount of taxes and surcharges under tax code PF must be entered in the single section taxe.