Flying on ATR aircraft

Voyager - À bord - Vols ATR

Welcome aboard Air Tahiti!

Most of our flights are operated by ATR 72 or 42. You will find below all the information your need for your travel on board these aircraft. If you travel on destinations served by Beechcraft, click here.

Our crews

  • Under the command of the captain and first officer, our cabin crew will be pleased to welcome you aboard Air Tahiti flights in an atmosphere that reflects Polynesian culture and hospitality.
  • On ATR 72-500s: two stewards or stewardesses.
  • On ATR 42-500s: one steward or stewardess are at your service.

Do not hesitate to ask for their assistance during your flight.

Seat selection

Air Tahiti operates an open-seating policy on its flights.  Seats are not allocated at check-in. This means you can choose between a window or an aisle seat when you board the aircraft.

Non smoking flights

To preserve the well-being of our passengers and enhance the safety of our flights, Air Tahiti is a non-smoking airline.

On board service

Refreshments and snacks

On all ATR flights between Tahiti or Moorea and the outer islands: 

  • A complimentary welcome fruit juice is served.
  • On flights departing before 9 am, you will also be offered tea or coffee.
  • Enjoy a complimentary snack on flights to: Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa in the Marquesas, Gambier, and on flights coming back from these islands.

On all ATR flights: 

  • A variety of drinks and sweet or savoury biscuits can also be purchased from our cabin crew.
  • Alcoholic beverages are sold only after 9 am and are only available to passengers aged over 18. The misuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.
  • The consumption of alcohol other than that sold on board is not permitted. In addition, Air Tahiti reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to passengers who represent a risk to flight safety.
  •  Form of payment accepted on board: local cheques and cash (Pacific Francs - XPF).

Flights between Tahiti and Hao, Hiva Oa, Makemo, Mangareva, Nuku Hiva, Raivavae, Rimatara, Rurutu, Takapoto, Takaroa and Tubuai : 

  • Sandwiches are also available for purchase.

In-flight entertainment

Besides the aerial views of the Pacific Ocean and islands through your window, you are invited on a voyage of discovery by flipping through the pages of the Air Tahiti Magazine.

Your reading will first take you to one of the islands of our five archipelagos, then to explore the natural and cultural treasures of French Polynesia.

You will also be able to read all of Air Tahiti's latest news and find out more about our airline.

For sale on board

Air Tahiti items (caps, airplane models, etc.) can also be purchased from our cabin crew.

Check the details and prices of the items on our Welcome Aboard menu.

Te natiraa o te mau motu, the link between the islands

Our cabin is reflecting the Polynesian atmosphere with our colorful headrests and traditional tatoos decorating our luggage racks. 

A few of our aircraft are bearing traditional Polynesian tatoos.