Shipment- enregistrement et réception - formalités

  ●  You must be 18 years old or more to send a shipment.

  ●  You must present a valid passport.

  ●  Our agent will issue an airway bill for your shipment.

  ●  This  document covers the transport of cargo from airport to airport. Please make sure you read it carefully as it constitutes your contract of carriage.

  ●  Accepted payments are : local currency (XPF) or local cheques. 

  ● The flight on which your goods will leave will depend on the type of cargo you have purchased : standard (no booking made, it will leave upon availability)  or confirmed (booked and confirmed on a specific flight).

  ●  For safety and security reasons, your goods will go through Xray inspection for all departures from Tahiti. Other islands no being equipped with such device, your cargo will be inspected visually by our agent. So please, wait until your shipment is duly inspected before closing it.  Make sure you also have the necessary  equipment with you (adhesive tape, etc.).

Assistance particulière - Conseils

Travel tips

At the booking stage and check-in, please make sure you tell our agents about the nature of your  special requirements. This will enable us to provide you with the appropriate assistance throughout your journey.

If you need a more specific assistance, please make sure you have someone travelling with you.

Make sure you keep in cabin your medicine and all the necessay objects (glasses, hearing aids, etc.) for your comfort.

For your well being on board, all of our flights are non smoking.