Checked bagage

Bagages - Bagages en soute


With Air Tahiti, the hold baggage allowance is free of charge within the following limits :

You have booked a standard ticket (Y or S class) or a flight from/to Rarotonga :

  • Maximum weight per passenger (child under 12 or adult) : 23kg (50 lb)
  • Maximum dimensions (including wheels and handles) : length + width + height <150 cm (59 in)


You have booked a special ticket with an additional weight allowance (Z class) :

  • Maximum weight per passenger (child under 12 or adult): 46 kg (100 lb)
  • Maximum dimensions (including wheels and handles): length + width + height <150 cm (59 in)


Baby information :

  • There is no baggage allowance for infants under 2 years
  • Strollers or umbrella beds are accepted without additional cost if their weight is included in the parents' free baggage allowance.


For scuba diving equipment :

Divers travelling to all destinations except destinations served by Twin Otter or Beechcraft are given an additional baggage allowance of 5 kg (11 lb) for carrying diving equipment only.  To use it, please present one of the following documents :

  • Official diver's card in your name,
  • Declaration from the diving club where you are going, specifying the dates you will be diving.


Consult our Sports equipment and special baggage section if :

  • Your checked baggage exceeds the authorized dimensions
  • Your baggage weighs more than 25 kg (55 lb)
  • You carry scuba diving equipment or any other large sports equipment


Find all our tips for preparing your baggage.


  Calculate the cost of your excess baggage :

If your baggage exceeds the weight allowed, you will be required to pay a fee at check-in.

Payment methods accepted : payment cards, cash (Pacific Francs - XPF).

Air Tahiti will endeavour to transport your excess baggage on the flight on which you are travelling. However, for operational reasons, it may be sent on a subsequent flight.

Calculate the exact amount of your excess baggage using the form below :

Formulaire de calcul d'excédent de bagage

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