Tahiti is the biggest and the most populated island in French Polynesia. As the political and economic heart of the country, Tahiti stands out from traditional Polynesia. The capital city Papeete is very busy and rounds up many businesses, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars and discotheques.
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Practical information

Population : 192 760 inhabitants were recorded in Tahiti in 2012, representing nearly 70% of the country's population
Surface area : 402 sq. miles. Tahiti is the largest island of French Polynesia
Municipalities : the island is composed of 12 municipalities. Papeete (the capital of Tahiti and French Polynesia), Pirae, Arue (associated with Tetiaroa atoll), Mahina, Hitia'a O Te Ra (including Papenoo, Tiarei, Mahaena, Hitiaa), Taiarapu-East (including Faaone, Afaahiti-Taravao Pueu and Tautira), Taiarapu- West (with Teahupoo, Vairao and Toahotu), Teva I Uta (with Mataiea and Papeari) Papara (known for its surfing spot ), Paea, Punaauia and Faa'a (with the international airport ; it is the most populated municipality of Tahiti )


The good reasons to visit

  • A rich and varied natural environment: spectacular natural sites (valleys, impressive landscapes, hiking trails, waterfalls), beautiful gardens, a glittering lagoon, dive and surf spots renowned worldwide.
  • A remarkable historical and cultural heritage: historical and cultural sites, archaeological remains, museums.
  • A wide range of activities, including many distractions in the city center, beautiful walks, inland and nautical excursions.
  • Various possibilities to eat great food (French, Chinese, Tahitian, Italian, Japanese, etc..), for all budgets (“roulottes”, snacks, gourmet restaurants).
  • A unique calendar of cultural and sporting events: "Heiva" festival of songs and dances held in July, Tahitian dance groups representations throughout the year in major hotels, handicraft exhibitions, the Pacific documentary film festival (FIFO), international surf competition in Teahupoo, etc.

Do not miss

  • Papeete's Pulic Marketplace,
  • the Assembly gardens,
  • the chinese Temple in Mamao,
  • the tomb of Pomare V and of the Royal family,
  • museums : the House oj James Norman Hall, The Robert Wan Pearl Museum, Tahiti and her islands museum and the Gauguin Museum,
  • To’ata Square, Vaiete Square, The Bougainville park,
  • the Belvédère,
  • the Tahara'a viewpoint,
  • the Venus Point lighthouse,
  • the Arahoho blowhole,
  • the Faarumai waterfalls,
  • parks & Gardens : the Harrisson Smith botanical garden, the spring garden of Vaipahi, the Vaima springs and the “Motu” Ovini park,
  • the surf spot of  Papenoo, Taapuna, Taharuu,
  • Olivier Bréaud International Golf Course,
  • the Mara'a caves,
  • Marae Arahurahu in Paea (an archeological site where historical pageants are held as well as traditional dances),
  • the Valley of Papenoo and its wonders (natural and archaeological sites),
  • the lagoonarium,
  • the "Heiva festival", held during July and August, and showcasing traditional dancing and singing competitions as well as traditional sports and games.

And on Tahiti Iti :

  • the Taravao plateau & its panoramic viewpoint,
  • the famous surf spot of Teahupoo,
  • the Vaipoiri cave,
  • the Te Pari cliffs an its petroglyphs.

Did you know that

  • Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia with 1042 km ² (402 sq. miles) in area.
  • Orohena, the highest mountain on the island and throughout French Polynesia, rises up to 2241 m (7,352 ft).
  • The American writer James Norman Hall (1887-1951), who moved to Tahiti in 1920 and remained there until his death in 1951, is the author, with Charles Nordhoff, of "Mutiny on the Bounty" , of "Hurricane" and many other works that have been famous films. His house can be visited in the town of Arue.
  • The Venus Point bears that name because the English navigator James Cook landed in this area in 1769 as he was leading scientific observations of Venus star transiting accross the sun.

Air Tahiti magazine

Tahiti airport

Tahiti-Faa'a International Airport is located in the commune of Faa'a, 5 km (3 mi) from Papeete. See the airport location map.
It operates both international flights and flights to and from the rest of French Polynesia.
The Air Tahiti agency and our check-in desks are located in domestic terminal 1. See the plan of Tahiti-Faa’a Airport.

Transport between the airport and the rest of the island is provided at all times by taxis and, at certain times, by a bus service (stop close to the airport).

If you have booked tourist accommodation, find out from your hosts whether they can arrange your outward and return transfer.

Services available

  • Air Tahiti agency
  • Luggage storage 24/7
  • Snack bar
  • Fast-food restaurant
  • Cafeteria (self-service)
  • Restaurant (waiter service)
  • Banks
  • ATMs
  • Sale of floral and shell necklaces
  • Post office
  • Souvenir shops
  • Jewellery
  • Duty-free shops in the international zone (arrival and departure)
  • Newsagent
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet café
  • Tobacconist
  • Vehicle hire desk
  • Telephone kiosks
  • Toilets