Gérer - Modifications

You will find below all you need to know about changing your ticket.
Where did you book your ticket?

  • For bookings made through our website,  click here.
  • For bookings made through a travel agent, please contact the agent you booked through. Air Tahiti cannot change bookings made through a travel agent.

Is your ticket already paid for?

  • If your ticket has not yet been paid for, your Air Tahiti agent or your travel agent will modify your booking without charge.
  • If your ticket has already been paid for, the terms and conditions for the change of your booking are as follows:
    • The change of date or time of your flight does not involve a change of fare and the terms and conditions of the fare are still satisfied: the changes will be made without charge.
    • The change of the date or time of your flight involves a change of fare or the terms and conditions of the fare are no longer satisfied: your ticket will be refunded, and a fee may be charged. A new ticket will be issued after the difference in fare has been paid or refunded.
    • If the new fare is higher than the original fare, the difference must be settled in addition to any fees. If the new fare is lower, the difference will be refunded to you, after the deduction of any fees.
    • Should you change one of your flights included in a return trip, and if this change implies a change in the fare, the modification fees will be automatically charged for both flights.
    • If you wish to change your flight but are not in a position to choose an alternate date, no-show fee will apply to the flight that has been modified.

For Pass and Extension fares, specific terms and conditions for modification apply. See the page on Pass fares for more information.