Bora Bora


Bora Bora used to be called Vavau in the past. It is a genuine jewel poised on the blue canvas of the Pacific, emerging from the ocean 50 minutes by plane to the northwest of Tahiti. Glistening with shades of sapphire, emerald and turquoise, Bora Bora’s lagoon is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, making “The Pearl of the Pacific” the “destination par excellence” of Tahiti and h...
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Practical information

Population : + 10 600 inhabitants
Surface area : 14.6 sq. miles
Districts : Vaitape, Nunue, Matira, Anau, Faanui.

Minimum flight duration : 0h50
Distance from Tahiti : 259 km


The good reasons to visit

  • The lagoon, one of the most beautiful in the world with crystal clear waters, dotted with heavenly islets which have earned Bora Bora the name of "Pearl of the Pacific".
  • Luxurious hotels, each one trying to surpass the others, in terms of elegance and comfort
  • It’s the ideal place to enjoy the unique overwater bungalow experience; private villas set on the beach or in tropical gardens are also a treat.
  • The perfect island for romance, but also for families and friends, who can enjoy a varied hotel infrastructure.
  • The opportunity to dive with rays, sharks and multicolored fishes.
  • Dynamic and interesting 4WD tours (enjoy panoramas, visit craftsmen, historic sites, etc.).
  • The “Heiva” in July (inquire about the dates) is a must!
  • A broad range of inland and nautical activities.

Do not miss

  • The lagoon !!
  • The famous beach of Matira,
  • A traditional Tahitian dance show performed by the talented dancers of the island,
  • The U.S. cannons and reminders of the Second World War,
  • The Marine museum,
  • A few ancient "marae" (archaeological sites),
  • The sea turtle protection center located in the heart of Le Méridien hotel.

Did you know that

  • Bora Bora used to be called Vavau in the past.
  • The real spelling of Bora Bora is actually “Pora Pora” (the P is pronounced B in Tahitian language).
  • Bora Bora was chosen as adoptive grounds by the famous explorers Alain Gerbault and Paul Emile Victor.
  • The United States settled a military base on the island during the Second World War. Reminders of this period can still be observed (cannons for example). Codename: Bobcat. Bora Bora


Air Tahiti magazine

Bora Bora airport

Bora Bora airport is located on a motu (islet) (Motu Mute).
Air Tahiti provides a shuttle service for its passengers between the airport and Vaitape, the main village, aboard the "Bora Bora Navette". The crossing takes approximately 15 minutes. The cost of the shuttle is included in the price of your ticket.
Upon arrival at Bora Bora airport, please collect your baggage before boarding the shuttle to Vaitape.
The "Bora Bora Navette" leaves Vaitape harbour 1h30 before your flight's scheduled departure time. Please allow plenty of time to get to the airport if you are taking the shuttle. Click here for more information on Bora Bora Navette.

If you are making your own way to the airport, make sure you get there 1h30 before takeoff.

Some accommodation provides transport for guests to and from the airport. In addition, some hotels provide a baggage transfer service for guests leaving Bora Bora. This means baggage is transported to the airport separately from the passenger. Air Tahiti's liability does not commence until the baggage is checked in for the flight. We recommend you to contact your host to find out if you need to take their shuttle or Air Tahiti’s shuttle.

Services available at the airport

  • Snack bar
  • Souvenir shops
  • Newsagent
  • Toilets

Services available in Vaitape:

  • Air Tahiti agency
  • Local public transport
  • Taxis
  • Vehicle hire agencies, 100m from the landing stage