Ua Huka

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Good reasons to visit

  • Preserved nature and vast expanses of green that have become the domain of wild horses and goats.
  • Fascinating sights, such as "Bird Islands", with their unique outline.
  • A very interesting destination, with all of its little museums and its arboretum.
  • Renowned traditional arts and crafts: tapa-making, production of Marquesan monoi oil (in particular the love potion kumu hei), as well as wood and stone sculpture.
  • Endemic bird watching.
  • A wide variety of trips and visits not to be missed.

Do not miss

  • The Archaeology Museum in Vaipaee,
  • Papuakeikaha Arboretum,
  • The Sea Museum in Hane,
  • The Geology Museum in Hokatu,
  • The Wood Museum,
  • The Petroglyph Museum,
  • The Grotte aux Pas ("Cave of Footsteps"), a legendary site containing footprints left in the sand,
  • Motu Teuaua, or "Bird Island",
  • The archaeological sites in Meiaute,
  • The beautiful beaches of Manihina, Hane, Haavei and Hatuana,
  • The artisans,
  • The island's different bays (Hane, Hatuana and Vaipaee).

Did you know that?

  • Ua Huka has five small museums: the Archaeology Museum, Wood Museum, Sea Museum, Geology Museum and Petroglyph Museum.
  • There is a time difference of half an hour between Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands.
  • Ua Huka has a number of endemic bird species, including the ultramarine lorikeet, or pihiti, a superb blue parrot, and the upe, or Marquesan imperial pigeon.

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50 km east of Nuku Hiva and 56 km northeast of Ua Pou, Ua Huka is one of the smallest of the Marquesas Islands. It is a wild landscape of preserved nature, where steep slopes alternate with barren plateaux. These vast expanses are the domain of wild horses and goats, which are encountered along the island's only road. Around the shoreline, a number of large stone motus in surprising shapes rise up out of the ocean, and are home to huge colonies of sea birds.

Down in the valleys, the ultramarine lorikeet, or pihiti, a beautiful blue parrot, is a veritable natural treasure, as it is found nowhere else in the world. With a bit of luck, it can be spotted in the Papuakeiha arboretum, an exceptional botanical reserve which contains a great many tree species, including a remarkable collection of citrus trees. It also has a very interesting little wood museum.

The island has a wealth of archaeological treasures, such as the mysterious Vaikivi petroglyphs, carved into the rock, and the three superb tikis in Hane. There are several other small museums to visit, in particular the Vaipaee archaeology museum, whose collection bears witness to island life in the past, with tikis, finely carved sculptures, a variety of jewellery and period photographs. Like their ancestors before them, present-day artisans excel at carving, monoi-oil production and tapa making. They exhibit their wares at the craft centres in the different villages.

The locals, proud of their roots, live in a timeless world, far from the capital, and offer a warm, authentic welcome.

Things to do


Nautical activities:

  • Boat trips out to sea,
  • Deep sea fishing,
  • Private boat hire.

Inland activities :

  • Hiking,
  • horseback riding,
  • visit of the different villages,
  • visit to the Papuakeikaha Arboretum,
  • visits of the various museums and archaeological sites.


  •  Surface area : 32.43 sq. miles.
  • Circumference : Some villages are linked by tracks.
  • Highest peak : Mount Hitukau (857m approx. 2811 feet).
  • Districts : Vaipaee, Hane and Hokatu.
  • Population : approx. 571 inhabitants.

Practical information

  • Tourist office: In Vaipaee.
  • Bank(s): No.
  • Post office(s): In Vaipaee.
  • Public phone(s): In Vaipaee.
  • Shop(s): Several small shops in the main villages.
  • Restaurant(s): Besides the family-run guest houses, the options for eating out are limited.
  • Medical services: 1 infirmary and 3 first-aid posts.

This island can be visited with the pass : Marquesas Pass

Travel tips

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