Flights to Ua Pou


Approximately 1500 km northeast of Tahiti, the island of Ua Pou belongs to the northern group of the Marquesas Islands, which also includes Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka and several uninhabited islands. With a surface area of 106 km², it is the third largest island in the archipelago, after Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa.
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Practical information

Population : 2 300 inhabitants
Surface area : 40,54 sq miles
Main village : Hakahau

Minimum flight duration : 4h00
Distance from Tahiti : 1374 km


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Ua Pou airport

Ua Pou airport is some distance from the main village of Hakahau.
There is no shuttle service, so to get to the village you will need to go by car.
If you have booked tourist accommodation, find out from your hosts whether they can arrange your outward and return transfer.

Services available

  • Toilets