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Good reasons to visit

  • Tikehau looks like a natural pool of 26km in diameter, known for its abundant underwater fauna.
  • Endless beaches of white or pink sand, bordered by coconut trees.
  • The pass of Tuheiava, which is the only opening to the ocean, ideal for marine life observation.
  • Unique outings on phenomenal “motu” (islets).
  • The picturesque and colourful village of Tuherahera.
  • Great and famous surf spots.

Do not miss

  • Scuba diving in the pass of Tuheiava (manta rays, shoals of barracuda and tuna, gray or black tip sharks, blue dolphins),
  • the white and pink sand beaches,
  • the fish parks,
  • the Bird Island,
  • the Manta ray cleaning station, a snorkeling or diving spot.

Did you know that?

  • The Bird Island is known for its red-footed boobies and brown Noddies.
  • The Tikehau lagoon is reputed to be one of the most stocked with fish in French Polynesia.
  • Tikehau was "discovered" in 1816 by a Russian navigator, Otto von Kotzebue.
  • The "bell of Hina" is a corner of paradise, named in memory of a legendary princess: located on the main motu of Tikehau, it is composed of fossilized coral formations or "feo", overlooking clear water basins, real natural jacuzzis.

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Tikehau, much smaller than Rangiroa, its neighbouring island, is a ring of sand of 26 kilometers in diameter covered by coconut trees, located 340 km north of Tahiti. Its postcard decor and its heavenly white and pink sand beaches which unfurl out of sight make Tikehau an ideal destination for all nature lovers. Sea bird colonies have chosen to reside on the innumerable motus which make up the atoll, nestling in the ground or in the “miki miki” bushes. It is possible to observe them more particularly while on an excursion near the “bird motu”.

Outings on the lagoon allow you to appreciate the landscapes and bathe in the translucent waters where multicoloured fish swim. Moreover, Tikehau is one of the Polynesian atolls the most abundant with fish. Fishermen take advantage of this resource by keeping their precious booty in fish parks, which you can visit, before sending them by plane to the market in Papeete. This abundant underwater fauna also reserves nice surprises for divers who can admire sharks, manta rays, jackfish and other interesting species on the outskirts of the only pass of Tuheiava. The latter is also known for its waves, sought by surfers worldwide.

Tuherahera, near the airport, is a small, charming village made up of pretty houses bordered by breadfruit trees, coconut trees and gay-colored flowers. The seashore all around is a permanent invitation for walking barefoot in the fine, pink sand. Fossilized coral formations or "" feo "", overlooking clear water pools that seem like natural Jacuzzis, can be admired.

The inhabitants live principally on copra and products from the ocean. Tourism keeps several family pensions busy as well as a few activity providers and one deluxe hotel, accessible only by boat. Thanks to its numerous assets, “Tikehau the superb” is becoming valued more and more as a prime vacation destination.


Things to do

Nautical activities :

  • Visit of the Bird Island,
  • visit of fish parks,
  • visit to motu Eden,
  • picnic on a motu (islet),
  • snorkelling,
  • scuba diving (provided the center is open),
  • boat trips,
  • deep sea fishing.

Inland activities:

  • Walking and cycling around the main motu (cycle hire available),
  • visit of the village.

Relaxation Center(s) and Spa(s) :

  • Manea Spa, Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort hotel.


  • Surface area : 178 sq. miles (lagoon)
  • District : Tuherahera
  • Population : approx. 507 inhabitants


Practical information

  • Tourism office(s) : in Tuherahera village.
  • Bank(s) : no
  • Post Office(s): yes.
  • Public phone(s): at the Town Hall.
  • Shop(s) : there are just a few and not well stocked.
  • Restaurant(s) : there are no true restaurants on the island; only family lodges offer eating possibilities.
  • Medical services : 1 infirmary at the village.

Travel tips

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