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Good reasons to visit

• Rangiroa is the largest atoll in French Polynesia and the second largest atoll in the world.
• A must for scuba diving, renowned worldwide.
• An ideal place for snorkeling and watching myriads of colorful fish.
• One of the most beautiful and richest coral reefs of the world.
• Dream "motus" (Blue Lagoon, Green Lagoon, Reefs Island and the Pink Sands).
• The unique vineyard of Polynesia.
• Picturesque villages.
• A variety of water sports and land activities.

Do not miss

  • The Ohotu view point, where you can watch the dolphins jumping in the Tiputa pass,
  • pearl farms,
  • the mythical « Lagon Bleu » (Blue Lagoon) island,
  • Pink sand islands,
  • the Green lagoon island,
  • the Reef island ( a magnificent motu dotted with“feo”, curious petrified coral formations),
  • the unique vineyard in French Polynesia, planted on a motu,
  • underwater diving sites : Shark Grotto, the Precipice, the Windmill, The Valley, The Aquarium, The Caves, Mahuta...

Did you know that?

• Rangiroa is also called Ra'iroa.
• Rangiroa is the largest atoll in French Polynesia, and the second largest in the world behind Kwajalein in Micronesia.
• Rangiroa has the only vineyard in French Polynesia.
• The Blue Lagoon, emblematic "motu" of the atoll, is a mini-lagoon inside the lagoon.


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Rangiroa, the largest atoll in French Polynesia and the second largest in the world, is located 350 km north-east of Tahiti, just a one hour flight away (direct flight). Rangiroa is made up of a string of coral islets as far as you can see around an immense lagoon. A veritable sea in the interior, it could contain the entire island of Tahiti.

“Rangiroa” or “Rairoa”, which literally means “long sky”, is the favorite destination of divers who come each year to experience “the big chill”. Its sensational underwater sites have been classified by Commander Jacques Cousteau as among the most beautiful and richest on the planet notably because of an exceptional concentration of gray sharks (raira), white tip reef sharks (tapete) or black tip reef sharks. There are sometimes hundreds which gather, occasionally joined by hammerhead sharks (tamataroa), manta or leopard rays and even more other species.

Persons who are less at ease in the ocean depths will find their happiness in the different excursions that will lead them to discover the motus (islets). The best known are isolated from the regular lodging areas (plan at least 1 hour by boat) but are, without question, well worth the detour. The Blue Lagoon with its natural pool bordered by coconut trees, the Reef Islands and their astonishing coral formations called “feo” or the sumptuous Pink Sand Motus are perfect for immersing oneself in the joys of bathing or snorkeling in an enchanting setting. It’s also the occasion to savor a picnic in the company of your Paumotu guides (inhabitants of the Tuamotu Islands) while curious little sharks come near the shore.

Other activities are possible near the villages of Avatoru and Tiputa, each carrying the name of the atoll’s two large passes: snorkeling with an incredible multitude of colored fish in the natural aquarium, a dolphin encounter, a visit to the two villages, a tour to the Green Lagoon and, even more surprising, discovery of the only vineyard in French Polynesia; installed a few years ago on Rangiroa in the heart of a coconut grove which produces a wine like no other. Sailing enthusiasts won’t be at a loss since cruise companies offer one of the most enjoyable experiences.

Avatoru, the main village, is where you’ll find the airport and the essential family pensions and hotels. Tiputa, less frequented, is only accessible by boat. The fine sand beaches are rare there but can be found instead on the innumerable islets that encircle the lagoon. Rangiroa and its marvels, a direct flight only 55 minutes by plane from Tahiti, offer you numerous protected havens of peace.

Things to do

Nautical activities :

  • Snorkelling,
  • scuba diving,
  • deep sea sport fishing,
  • boat tours,
  • pic nic on different “motu” (Blue lagoon island, Green lagoon island, Reef island, Pink sand island),
  • jet skiing,
  • visit of the vineyard on a motu,
  • glass bottom boat.

Inland activities:

  • Walking or cycling around the main motu (cycle hire available),
  • guided visit of Avatoru and Tiputa villages,
  • bicycle, car and scooter rentals,
  • visit of a pearl farm
  • attending to a church service.

Relaxation center(s) and spa :

  • Poekura Spa, Hôtel Kia Ora Resort & Spa


  • Surface area : 633 sq miles (lagoon)
  • Districts : Avatoru and Tiputa
  • Population : + 2438 inhabitants


Practical information

  • Tourism office(s): in Avatoru.
  • Bank(s): 2 agencies with 1 “Banque de Tahiti” and 1 “Banque Socredo”. ATMs.
  • Post office(s) : in Tiputa and Avatoru.
  • Shop(s) : a few. Boutiques in the hotels and a few handicraft outlets.
  • Restaurant(s) : There are few snacks and restaurants; the hotels and some guesthouses open their restaurants to outside customers.
  • Medical services : 1 medical center, 1 dentist center and 1 infirmary.

Travel tips

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